Nose Aesthetics (Rhinoplasty)

Nose aesthetics is one of the most applied methods in the scope of facial aesthetics today. We may have deformities in the nose for many reasons, or we may have genetically an unpleasant nose. Because of these and similar situations, nasal aesthetics planning is made, and appropriate corrections are made in terms of health and aesthetically beautiful appearance is obtained.

The need for nose aesthetics may arise due to health problems. In addition to solving health problems, you can gain motivation through aesthetics. Especially those who have genetic deformities or individuals who have experienced traumas such as accidents, falls, bumps can reach the look they dream of by having a nose aesthetic.

Under what conditions is a nose aesthetic performed?

Our nose is located in the middle of our face and at the focal point. Therefore, the shape of the nose is very decisive for the entire face shape. Even minor differences in your nose can make you look like someone else. Therefore, it is aimed for the individuals who are faced with various shape disorders to obtain the form they desire with the help of nose aesthetics. Individuals who have a genetically problem may want to have a more aesthetic appearance since childhood, and the solution to this is possible with nose aesthetics.
Nose aesthetics is in some cases an aesthetic procedure that is also used in patients with various respiratory problems. In such cases, the breathing problem experienced by the patients is eliminated and if they desire, aesthetic applications for the nose are also performed. There are also operations where only respiratory problems are solved without an aesthetic operation.

Nose aesthetics operation can be performed through two different methods as closed nose aesthetics and open nose aesthetics.

What are the points to be considered in the process before nose aesthetics?

Firstly, it is recommended that individuals who will have nose aesthetics be realistic about their expectations. The shape of the nose plays a decisive role on the image of the entire face, so act with thought. Having a nose aesthetic that is not natural and incompatible with your face may cause you to get a result far from the aesthetic appearance you dream of.

Nose aesthetics differ according to every person because it should be specially planned for each person. Nose aesthetics planning should be done by taking into account many parameters such as the parts of each individual's face and their ratios, face shape, and the shape of the bones on the face. It is very important to work with professionals in this process. The main reason for this is that your doctor is the person who will enable you to bring your dream together with your current characteristics. Therefore, it is very important to work with qualified doctors who can bring a natural and aesthetic solution.

Nose aesthetics involve an operation process. Therefore, preparation for surgical intervention should be done. Information exchange between the patient and the doctor is very important. Doctor should have information about the patient's medical history and the medications used. Some medications can be stopped. It is also recommended to stop habits such as smoking and alcohol for a while.

What Does Nose Aesthetic Procedure Include?

Nose aesthetic operation performed under general anesthesia can vary from approximately 1 hour to 3 hours according to the procedure that the person needs. Depending on the simplicity of the intervention, this period may of course decrease. In some cases, local anesthesia may be preferred.

After Nose Aesthetics

After the nose aesthetics operation, various tampons are used for the first 3 days and on average, after 1 week, these tampons are removed. Mild swelling on the first day, more swelling on the second day, slight bleeding in the nose, bruising around the eyes and dryness of the lips can be seen. These are complications that occur within the first few days. These complications decrease over time and of course, they end.