Our Quality Policy

  • Taking power from our core values to realize our mission and vision; To maximize patient satisfaction
  • To maximize our corporate awareness with the principle of sustainable service excellence in national and international standards with the quality culture we have created.
  • To add value to our country people. Providing service with the awareness that the right to healthy life in all our services is the right of all people.
  • To improve our service variety, technology and physical infrastructure in every field of health in accordance with the requirements of the age.
  • To make quality and excellent health service accessible to every member of the society.
  • To ensure that our employees are proud to be with us.
  • To support scientific and academic projects that will always work hard with our properly selected qualified personnel.
  • To increase our strong financial structure with our target unity and success oriented approach.
  • To constantly measure and improve ourselves with the belief that we can always do better.
  • Having a say in the health policies of our country.
  • Ensuring the satisfaction of all our stakeholders with our strategic plans and decisions based on efficiency principle.
  • To benefit by creating social awareness with our social responsibility projects.
  • To create an international brand by fulfilling our mission and quality policies in the best way.