Neck Lift

Neck Lift

Neck lift is an aesthetic operation that allows the neck area to achieve the desired image. Neck lift operation is applied to correct the problems especially in the double chin area. The unwanted image formed in our neck can change our entire face. By eliminating these problems, which create huge differences in the image of the person, the desired image is obtained and an innovation ,that will change your face, is made.

Under Which Conditions Is Neck Lift Performed?

The reason for performing facial aesthetic operations such as neck lift is usually old age. All textural structures in the face and neck area may move, lose their elasticity, sag and create wrinkles because of situations such as aging, facial expressions, and the effect of gravity. In the neck region, especially in the chin part, which is called the double chin, muscular and adipose tissues are collected and performs a downward movement.

Apart from aging, one of the first areas where individuals who have  overweight problems start to accumulate fat when they start to gain weight is the double chin area below the chin. Therefore, in some cases, fat accumulation and sagging may occur in the double chin area due to overweight.

While the biggest reason for neck lift operations is old age, in some cases, overweight is also one of the reasons. However, regardless of these reasons, the formation of unwanted images in the neck area can change the entire facial expression and face. You can look tired, overweight and old. Because such gatherings and sagging in the neck region completely affect the image of the face.

Before Neck Lift Operation

Neck lift operation is an application that should be applied by specialists. It also includes a serious preparation and planning process. For this reason, the preoperative examination is very important. In the examination , the patient's complaints and desires are listened, the specialist examines the patient. In this way, the preparation process for the operation is carried out.

The planning phase also includes the exchange of information between doctor and patient. Based on the information gathered here, doctors prepare for possible complications. In addition, this information exchange is extremely important to stop medication that should not be used before the operation. 

Bad habits like smoking should be quitted before the operation and should not be used for a while after the operation. Smoking has a number of bad effects as well as damaging the healing process.

It is recommended to stop food consumption generally 6 hours before neck lift operation. It is also recommended to wear comfortable clothes. The operation can be performed with both local and general anesthesia depending on the condition of the person. However, just in case, it is recommended that the patient come with a companion.

How Is Neck Lift Operation Performed?

First of all, the fat tissue that forms the sagging in the double chin under chin area is taken by liposuction method. In this way, fats that sag the double chin are taken and the first process is completed. The removal of these fats makes a big difference, especially in patients whose problems arise from high weight.

If the sagging under the chin originates from both adipose tissue and muscle tissue, it is necessary to recover muscle tissue after removal of fat tissue . The fat tissue is removed and muscle tissue is also  recovered.

If there is sagging skin, excess skin should be taken in the same way. After the removal of fat tissue, recovery of muscle tissue, excess skin is removed and the remaining skin is stretched. All these process can be done within an average of 1 hour.

How is the healing process after neck lift operation?

Depending on the condition of the person after the neck lift operation, it may be necessary to stay in the hospital for 1 day, but patient can often be discharged on the first day. With the help of a special bandage under the chin, precautions are taken against impacts. Depending on the content of the operation, the recovery period can last from 2 days to 10 days.