Face Lift

Face Lift

Face lift operation is an aesthetic application to obtain the desired face image. This method, which is applied due to genetic factors or problems caused by external factors, is generally carried out due to aesthetic concern. Aging can affect every person differently, but no matter what happens over the years, there will be wrinkles and sagging that develop due to the use of facial expressions. The sagging of the skin as a result of old age and the emergence of such conditions may create an aesthetically undesirable appearance, as well as functional problems in some cases.

There are numerous methods that can be applied and preferred outside the face lift operation. However, none of these methods stop aging like a face lift operation. Especially after a point, alternative methods begin to lose their effect and in this case, face lift operation is recommended.

What Does the Face Lift Operation Include?

When face lift operation is evaluated within the scope of face aesthetics, it can be explained as the fact that many applications are performed with a single operation. Basically, it is aimed to remove the sagging and wrinkle on the face by removing some of the skin that creates abundance on the face and hanging the structure forming the muscle, fat, nerve tissue. During this process, conditions such as sagging and wrinkles in the eyelids can be corrected. This is done by removing excess skin, moving the slipped and sagging fat to its place, and removing the excess ones.

The face lift operation can also include neck processes. If the patient is overweight, applications such as neck fat removal, neck muscle collection, and removal of sagging skin can be performed. All these operations should be carried out in a planned way to obtain the desired facial image.

Before Face Lift Surgery

It is very important that the face lift is done by a professional team. Face lift, which involves a serious preparatory process, is done with planning, and each of the procedures to be performed is important.

The planning phase also includes the exchange of information between doctor and patient. Based on the information gathered here, doctors prepare for possible complications. In addition, this information exchange is extremely important to stop medication that should not be used before the operation. Bad habits like smoking can have a very bad effect on the healing process. For this reason, it is recommended to quit smoking during this time.

What are the Considerations After Face Lift Surgery?

Drain can be used in face lift operation. After the operation, the drain is taken and the aim is to speed up the healing process by applying ice. It is normal to have numbness in some areas after the operation and this is a temporary situation. You can be discharged within a few days and take a first shower. Your stitches will begin to be removed gradually within 7 to 10 days.

It is recommended to avoid sudden and violent movements for a while after the face lift operation. For this reason, activities that may affect the face, including exercise, should be avoided. You should stop smoking, drinking alcohol and stay away from activities like steam bath and sauna. It is quite natural to have swelling and bruises on the face and they will decrease and end in a few weeks. Often, after 15 days, patients can return to work.

What are Non-surgical Face Lift Methods?

There are some alternative applications, even though it does not give permanence as precise and clear results as face lift operation. These are French face lift method (with sling), focus ultrasound, thermage, liquid face lift, golden needle, endopeel, PRP, mesotherapy applications. Also, some of these applications can be used to support face lift surgery or increase its effect.