Eyelid Aesthetics (Blepharoplasty)

Eyelid aesthetics include aesthetic applications that are used to improve the aesthetic appearance of the eyelids. It is a surgical procedure used to correct the undesirable appearance of the eyelids. The application of eyelid aesthetics can be applied to both the upper and lower eyelids. In some cases, it is applied to both eyelids.

Patients may have an eyelid aesthetic because of aesthetic concerns or problems related to the functions of the eyelid. Eyelid aesthetic applications can solve both functional and aesthetic problems.

Who is suitable for eyelid aesthetics?

Anyone who has no special conditions to influence the healing process and who has no serious eye problems can have an eyelid aesthetic. In some cases, the patient may think that the problem is caused by the eyelid, but the main reason may be eyebrows or forehead. Therefore, this distinction should be considered and planning and surgical processes for eyelid aesthetics should be performed in clinical settings with the help of professionals.

Under Which Conditions Is Eyelid Aesthetic Operation Performed?

The folded and sagging structures mostly seen in the upper eyelid can be corrected with eyelid aesthetics. Unlike the natural look on the upper eyelid, this structure, which creates folds, can also reveal a completely flabby and sagging skin that can make it difficult to see at advanced levels. Therefore, these eyelid improvement interventions can be performed with eyelid aesthetics for both aesthetic and functional reasons.

The removal of bags under the eyes can also be done with eyelid aesthetics. Individuals with under-eye bags are often very uncomfortable with this situation, because under-eye bags can make people appear tired, unhappy or old. However, it is quite easy to beat this within the scope of eyelid aesthetics.

Within the scope of eyelid aesthetics, the lowness of the lower eyelids, which reveal the white image under the iris, is also improved. Likewise, excess skin and wrinkles seen in the lower eyelids are among the conditions that can be improved.

What Does Eyelid Aesthetics Include?

It is important to remember that eyelid aesthetics is a surgical intervention and you should go through all preparation processes. First of all, it is necessary to provide information exchange between patients and doctors, to make the right planning for eye aesthetics, to know the disease history of the person and the medications used, if any. Some medications may need to be stopped before the operation. Smoking and bad habits may need to be quit. The operation process will then start.

Local anesthesia is mostly preferred in lower and upper eyelid aesthetic operations, but if the patient has a special condition, the process can also be performed under general anesthesia. 

In the upper eyelid aesthetic operation, a part of the skin is removed according to the need, and if there are herniated conditions according to the need, fat packs are also taken. If sagging has occurred on the tear gland, it is hung up and the process is completed with melted stitches.

During the a esthetic operation of the lower eyelid, the skin and muscle are removed. If there is herniation, fat packs are taken according to the need. If the skin and muscle create excess, parts are taken from these areas and the process is completed with dissolvable stitches.

Recovery Time After Eyelid Aesthetics

The biggest part of the recovery period after eyelid aesthetics is completed in 2 weeks, but this process may vary, and full recovery takes around a few months. After the operation process, patients must protect themselves and strictly follow the directions of their doctor. This is very important for one's health and speed of recovery.