Eyebrow Lift

Eyebrow Lift

Eyebrow lift is an aesthetic operation that can be performed by various methods. In some cases, eyebrow lift can be done with alternative solutions without operational applications. The effects of problems that develop with aging are eliminated with eyebrow lift.

With aging, some undesirable conditions such as wrinkles and sagging may occur. Especially with the effect of mimics, such formations are more likely to occur in eyebrows. Every day, these problems may continue to increase and they may start to create discomfort in terms of functionality as well as aesthetics. At the same time, such situations can change the facial expression completely. For all these reasons, eyebrow lift is commonly preffered application.  In some cases, eyebrow lift can also occur without aging due to completely genetically existing conditions. At the same time, eyebrow lift applications can be done due to aesthetic concern.

What are Eyebrow Lift Methods?

There are many methods for lifting eyebrows. Each method has several advantages and disadvantages. It is possible to divide these methods into two categories: surgical and non-surgical operations. Botox and ultherapy are non-surgical methods. Surgical applications are eyebrow sling, classic eyebrow lift surgery and endoscopic eyebrow lift.

What is Classic Eyebrow Lift Operation?

With the classical eyebrow lift operation, temples are stretched and eyebrows are also raised. During the operation on the temple, the scalp is removed and the remaining part is stretched. The classic eyebrow lift operation may lose its effect over time.

What is Eyebrow Sling Application?

Although the use of eyebrow sling is one of the common methods, it is mostly repeated as it is an application that has lost its effect within a few years. The use of mimic has a huge effect in the fact that eyebrow sling application, which can be applied under local anesthesia, loses its effect within a few years. The eyebrow is hung on the desired area with the help of a small incision opened from the front of the hairline. Although special threads are used for this application, the eyebrow sling can be described as an application that needs to be renewed within a few years due to the use of mimic.

What is Endoscopic Eyebrow Lift Operation?

Endoscope application is a technique used in many fields in modern medicine and it has been one of the most commonly used eyebrow lift methods. Endoscopic eyebrow lift operation performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia depending on the condition of the patient can be easily performed with the help of the camera endoscope.

Endoscopic eyebrow lift operation, which can be performed with almost no bleeding through small incisions from a few different points, has become one of the most effective methods with its permanence, as it is preferred for its feature that it does not leave traces behind, and heals quickly.

Eyebrow Lift with Injection and Ultherapy Applications 

Injection application, which is the most common application among non-surgical procedures, is planned according to the ratio of the person's face, and injection is applied to create a new image of the eyebrows with small doses. Injection is done through needles to ensure that the eyebrow is lifted, and it is ensured that you reach the eyebrows in the sizes planned according to your face. Injection, which does not involve scars, is disadvantageous because it is an application that should be repeated every year, and even in some cases it should be repeated 2 times a year. However, it includes an alternative solution for anyone who does not want to resort to surgical practices.

The second most common application in non-surgical eyebrow lift operations, ultherapy, contains high intensity focused ultrasound energy. With this high intensity focused ultrasound effect, it is aimed to tighten the skin and provide regeneration.