Varicocelectomy Surgery With Microsurgery

In the vessels that collect the venous, either for hereditary or acquired reasons, the valve system prevents the backflow of blood was disrupted. As a consequence, the venous blood in this vena is backflow and varicocele ( the enlargement in testes) is seen. Although it is necessary to increase the heat of the backflow of venous blood,( normally, the heat of the testes is lower than 1-2 degrees than body heat.) due to harmful metabolites, it causes smalling in the testes, disorders in the structure and functions of the sperm and infertility. Under general, spinal or local anaesthesia, skin, subcutaneous and muscles are cut with a 2-3 cm incision made in the groin, and the veins are reached from the testis. The veins are ligated and cut by examining them under special microscopes. The cut layers and skin are closed by suturing with special sutures used in surgery by the anatomy. The duration of the operation takes approximately 45-90 minutes.