Penıle Prosthesis Surgery

The conditions like nerve deficiency in the vessels that provide erection in the penis or the conditions like curvature in the penis and conditions that cause constant pain, or psychogenic issues cause erection in the penis. Following the installation of urethral sonda under spinal anaesthesia, with a 3-4 cm made incision under the penis, the tissues in the skin and subcutaneous cut, then it reaches the cavernous structures that provide erection in the penis. The cavernous structures that provide erection in the penis are expanded with metal rods of increasing diameter and length until they reach the length and width of the prosthesis to enter. After that, those prepared prostheses are placed in this expanded region. If it's going to be inflatable prostheses are going to be placed, this is placed in the zone that is prepared under reservoir abdomen muscles and in the front zone of testes where its block valve is prepared in the scrotum. The cut layers are closed by stitching with surgical threads properly by anatomy. The estimated time of the surgery takes between 60-90 minutes.