Prostate Surgery With Laser (Holep)

The malign or benign growth in the prostate gland causes difficulty in urine. For this reason, the complaints like frequently urinate at day and night time, a decrease in urinating duress, a split urine system, the feeling of the bladder is not emptied, and burning in urination can be seen. These conditions cause urinary tract infections, urinary incontinence in overflow type ( being related to unable to empty urine in the bladder), unable to urine, forming of stone in the bladder, bleeding in the urine, swelling in the kidneys and loss of kidney functions. The type of anaesthesia in the surgery is general or spinal. It gives a chance to use a device called RESECTOSCOPE which has a light source and helps burn blood vessels, cut with electricity flow, seeing the tissues clearly with an optic system. The obstructive prostate piece that causes blockage around the urethra, with the help of HOLEP laser technology, prostate lobes are separated from the prostate and put in the bladder. After that, it throws out with a morcellator device. When the operation is terminated, a catheter (The soft rubber tube) is placed in the bladder and stays for a few days. The operation is estimated to take between 60-120 minutes.