Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover (Post-pregnancy Aesthetics)

Mommy makeover includes a series of aesthetic operations performed within the scope of body aesthetics. Because the process from the first day of pregnancy to the moment of birth, it creates various effects on the female body. Improvement of these effects can of course be made possible, if mothers take care of themselves and change their lifestyle. However, in some cases, whatever is done, aesthetically undesirable situations may arise. In order to prevent such problems or to get rid of such problems more quickly, aesthetic process can be applied after pregnancy.

A new adaptation period begins for the mothers after birth. Because while stepping into a new life after birth, an unusual period starts in terms of physical. This period, where aesthetic concerns can arise intensely, can be corrected with both healthy activities and applications such as mommy makeover.

What Contains Mommy Makeover?

Mommy makeover applications are mostly performed on the breast , abdomen and genital area. At the same time, wrinkles, rough areas, sagging skins, skins that have lost their elasticity, cracks and varices can be healed within the scope of body aesthetics with mommy makeover methods.

You can have the breast image you desire with Mommy Makeover

In the post-pregnancy period, women whose breasts are already small may see their breasts getting smaller. It is possible for women with large breasts to face various problems such as sagging and wrinkles. It is also observed that the breasts that grow again with breastfeeding remain without shrinking.

With the help of aesthetic and breast prosthesis after pregnancy, it is possible for the breasts that get smaller to return to their former state, and large but sagging breasts can be lifted. Of course, these operations can be followed by other aesthetic methods such as breast lift and augmentation.

The important point about breast aesthetic applications after pregnancy is that it is not appropriate to start these applications immediately after pregnancy. To complete the hormonal processes, operations are recommended after 1 year.

You Can Have A Tight Abdomen With Mommy Makeover

With the effect of enlargement of the abdomen during the pregnancy and the birth process, sagging, looseness and cracks may occur, especially in the abdomen, which is located in the lower part of the belly button.

It is possible to have a tight abdomen with tummy tuck operations applied within the scope of mommy makeover. You can also get rid of sagging, looseness, excess skin and cracks.

Tummy tuck operation can also be supported with liposuction applications, so you can lose weight and also have a tigh abdomen.

With Mummy Makeover You Can Have The Desired Image By Removing The Deformations In The Vaginal Region

Especially, the vaginal region is one of the regions that are deformed with the effect of the moment of birth. With the effect of hormones and severe physical trauma during childbirth, it is possible for women to have unwanted situations in the vaginal region. Vaginal loosening and enlargement can be shown at the beginning of these undesirable conditions. In this context, undesirable conditions can be restored by performing vaginoplasty and vaginal rejuvenation operations.

Of course, if there are deformations in the inner lip and outer lips in the vaginal region, the elimination of deformations in these areas can be done within the scope of mommy makeover operations. Different processes such as lightening, rejuvenation and eliminating birth marks can be performed during all these applications.