Tummy Tuck (Abdominaplasty)

Tummy tuck operation includes the procedures performed under the scope of body aesthetics and applied to bring the abdominal region to the desired appearance. Tummy tuck can be done for many reasons. The tummy tuck operation is generally prefered by women is a method used to eliminate undesired situations caused by weight gain and weight loss. Of course, old age and childbirth are also effective.

It is quite natural to weight gain easily because of decreasing metabolic rate as a result of aging. At the same time, wrinkle and sagging can occur with the elasticity of the skin and fat accumulation with old age. These types of situations can be corrected thanks to the tummy tuck. Likewise, it is very natural for women to lose and gain weight due to pregnancy. There may be disruption in the abdomen due to other factors besides pregnancy.

With pregnancy, excesses occur in the abdomen of each woman. These excesses occur especially around the waist, can of course cause unwanted images and aesthetic concern for women. However, all these problems can be improved by tummy tuck operations. The purpose of tummy tuck surgery is to give the abdominal area a tight appearance again. Nowadays, tummy tuck surgery is one of the frequently prefered solutions.

Who is Suitable for Tummy Tuck Applications?

Tummy tuck applications are a method used for adult individuals within the scope of body aesthetics and are not applied to children. For individuals with overweight problems, reaching their ideal weight is the first principle for surgery. Therefore, people who will apply to tummy tuck applications, should start to lose weight and prepare for the tummy tuck operation. The main reason for losing weight is to decrease the abdominal tension and bring it to the desired level.

What are Tummy Tuck Applications?

Tummy tuck operations are shaped according to the characteristics, needs and wishes of the person, and there are two different methods as full tummy tuck and mini tummy tuck.

What is Mini Tummy Tuck Application?

In tummy tuck applications, some conditions are required to prefer mini tummy tuck. First of all, the deformation should be limited to the area under the belly button and there should be conditions such as light lubrication and sagging in this area. Formations such as cracks and flabby that will negatively affect the abdominal muscles should not have started yet. Likewise, no serious deformation should be encountered in the upper part of the belly button.

Mini tummy tuck method is the option that people who have saggings in the abdomen but whose weight has not reached serious levels in the abdominal region. In the mini tummy tuck operation, excess fat is removed from the abdomen and waist area, undesired tissue under the navel is removed and the tissue underneath is stretched.

What Do You Need to Know About Full Tummy Tuck?

Full tummy tuck method is performed in situations where mini tummy tuck cannot be performed. The full tummy tuck operation is applied to patients with deformation in the lower abdomen and upper abdomen and with overweight problems. The full tummy tuck operation takes place in the area above and below belly button.

The problems such as sagging and cracks in the area between these two regions can be improved with full tummy tuck operation. The operation is terminated by the tightening of the abdominal muscles and sagging skin and the underlying tissues are stretched.