Arm Lift

Arm Lift

Arm lift operation is an aesthetic procedure performed within the scope of body aesthetics and applied to improve unwanted conditions in the arm area. Over time, especially with the effect of aging, skin tissues can have unwanted images. Every person is unique and every person has their own aging process. Moreover, the act of aging can manifest itself differently in every person, and some issues may appear in some areas even at an early age.

Aging can cause to lose the functionality of skin tissue in humans. Because of this, skin sagging occurs. This type of skin sagging is a condition that is frequently observed in the arm area and creates an undesired appearance.

In which situations is applied to the arm lift process?

Sagging may occur in numerous areas such as hands, feet, face, chest. The occurrence of such images also creates situations that will distort the appearance and bring unwanted problems. With the arm lift operation, people can regain the appearance of the arm they desire. Especially the areas that are always seen such as the arm can create much more aesthetic concern, but it is so easy to solve this problem with the arm lift operation.

What are the Causes of Sagging in Arm?

The cause of sagging in the skin of the arms is overweight or mostly aging. When you are over a certain age, sagging in the arm begins to progress faster and manifest itself. Before doing the arm lift operation, the reason for the operation should be analyzed.

The arm lift operation may vary from half an hour to 1 hour depending on the procedure to be performed. Of course, the preparation for the operation phase is very important and a detailed exchange of information should be provided between the doctor and the patient during this preparation process. Even if there is an operation that can be considered as a simple operation, having detailed information about the patient's past disease history and the medications used provides precautions for any possible complications.

After the arm stretching operation is carried out, a special bandage is applied that covers the arm for 4 to 5 days and then the controls are performed. Since the skin tissue on the arm has a faster recovery feature compared to some other parts of the body, the recovery period will also be shorter. Unless an additional negative situation is observed in the controls performed after 4-5 days, patients can maintain their normal life and a tight arm appearance is regained. Although arm lift is not an application that leaves a mark on the skin, it is very important to do it by experts.

What Does Arm Lift Include?

Laser is used in arm lift operations. Of course, this procedure can be also carried out by surgical intervention. The aim is the same in arm lift operations performed by two different methods. The aim is to remove the excess fat and skin and provide an aesthetic and tight appearance by stretching the underlying tissue.

In the arm lift surgery, excess fat and sagging parts are removed with a small incision, and in the laser liposuction method, the sagging parts and fat are melted with laser. Then the arm lift process begins. In some cases, one day hospitalization may be required after arm lift. After discharge, the patient should avoid activities that could damage the arm, such as weightlifting.