Buttocks Remodelling

Butt Aesthetics

Butt aesthetics applications include aesthetic procedures that are applied within the scope of body aesthetics both to bring the butt to the desired appearance and to eliminate the deformations that have taken place.

When our body is evaluated from head to toe, it contains curved structures and one of these areas is the butt zone. The region that starts with an inward curve in the waist region goes on with an outward curve in the butt area. Therefore, butt aesthetics applications should not be evaluated independently from this curved area in the waist region. One of the most important applications of butt aesthetics is that this curved region regains its curved appearance with liposuction or different methods. Of course, this can be supported by a large number of operations.

Under What Conditions Are Butt Aesthetics Applied?

Butt aesthetics is often done due to aesthetic concerns. However, advanced deformations can also create functional problems. The purpose of butt aesthetics applications, especially due to sagging and having a flat appearance, is to obtain a full, round and upright butt appearance.

Butt aesthetics applications should be specially planned and applied according to the condition of the patient. Butt aesthetic applications, which both women who desire to acquire a more aesthetic appearance and men with a flat hip, frequently prefer today, can be carried out with many methods. While these methods can be applied simultaneously with each other, there are also cases where they are alternative to each other. In some regions, there may be a need for fat intake with liposuction and application of fat. Likewise, fillers such as butt prosthesis and aquafilling may also be used and all these methods may vary according to the patient.

What are the Methods Used in Butt Aesthetics Applications?

Butt aesthetics applications are applied for reasons such as enlarging, shaping, lifting and reducting according to the needs within the body aesthetic operations. For this, many different methods can be used.

In this context, fat injection is one of the most frequently used applications especially for plumping the butt. At this point, the process takes place by removing the unwanted fat from the butt area and its surrounding, and injecting it into the upper part of the butt. If the person has a skinny body, alternative methods should be used instead of fat injection.

One of these alternative methods is butt prosthesis. In cases where sufficient fullness cannot be achieved with the existing fat, an upright posture can be achieved with butt prosthesis application. This application does not leave any scar, so it is commonly preferred.
The method of lifting the butt is one of the methods applied especially after people have lost a lot of weight. The butt lift method is performed by removing the collapsed and slipped areas in the abdominal region and the butt area and lifting the butt region by the slinging method.

What are the Considerations About Butt Aesthetics Applications and What are the Details about the Healing Process?

First of all, knowing the characteristics of the person, the medical history and the medicines used, provides useful data for the whole process. It may be advisable not to use some drugs before surgery. Drinking alcohol, cigarettes and herbal teas should be stopped before the operation.

The operation usually lasts between 1 and 3 hours under general anesthesia and does not require hospitalization unless an additional complication appears. In some cases, 1-night hospitalization may need. After the operation, a special corset should be worn. It may be recommended to be worn for 1.5 months. Even if the healing process is completed to a large extent within 10 days, full recovery will take place in a period ranging from 3 months to 6 months. After 1 month, it may be possible to do activities such as sport according to the instruction of the doctor, but during the first 3 weeks, you should not lie on the butt. However, you can sit normally with the help of a butt pad.