Tooth Bleaching

Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)

Teeth whitening is a method that is applied within the scope of oral and dental health to regain the old aesthetic appearance of the teeth. Teeth may lose their original color over time due to bad habits such as various foods, drinks such as coffee and tea, and smoking. Losing the original colors of the teeth and getting different colors may also result in an unpleasant appearance. It is possible to overcome this problem with teeth whitening under the scope of oral and dental health.

There are many preferred methods for these problems. Although each has its own advantages and disadvantages, the teeth whitening procedure is among the most preferred.

What are the Treatment Methods in Teeth Whitening Applications?

Everybody's teeth color is unique. Teeth contain various elements, and these can be found in different proportions in everyone. With the balance created by these ratios, tooth colors may differ. However, due to the small perforated structure of the tooth enamel surface, there may be differences in the color of the tooth for various reasons.

Teeth whitening applications can be applied for these reasons and these applications can be carried out in two different ways. The first tooth whitening application is the application that your dentist will perform directly. The fastest method is the first method, but as another method, a person can do teeth whitening at home.

How to Apply Office Bleaching, That is, the Dentist's Teeth Whitening Method?

Office bleaching mostly involves a procedure that ends in a single session. A gel with a whitening feature is applied on the teeth, leaving the gums completely outside and protected.

Then the gel is activated by using special light sources such as laser, halogen or LED, and the teeth whitening process begins. It is the duty of the dentist to decide on the light source and power here. Each person has his own tooth color and in order to preserve this naturalness, the values such as tooth tissue and color tone should be examined and the treatment should be decided.

Home Bleaching - How To Apply Teeth Whitening Method By Yourself At Home?

Although home bleaching takes place in home conditions, it should not be done without a doctor's control. The dentist should be consulted about teeth whitening.If you decide to use the teeth whitening method after various examinations and   if you want to manage this process at home,  you can choose home bleaching method.

The process starts with your dentist taking a measurement from your teeth and preparing a transparent plate for your teeth according to this measure. Then you start using this plate with whitening agent. The purpose of the plaque is to exclude and protect the gums, just like in office bleaching.

Teeth Whitening Application and Teeth Whitening Process According to Colorings

It is quite easy to whiten yellow and light brown spots on the teeth in a certain time. However, if colorations such as dark brown, blue and gray are observed, there is a serious coloration problem in the teeth. Since such colorations are located at the deepest points of the teeth, they are more difficult to whiten than light colorations. However, by increasing the number of sessions, it is possible to whiten this type of coloring with the teeth whitening process.

If you have chosen the office bleaching method for tooth whitening, the process will take a maximum of 1 hour and the teeth will get their final color within a few days. If you have chosen the home bleaching method for tooth whitening, you can also get results on tooth whitening within a period of 1 to 2 weeks.

Is Teeth Whitening an Effective Method and Is it Riskful?

Teeth whitening does not harm the teeth in any way if it is performed under the correct procedures. Teeth whitening process effect may vary according to the importance you give to your mouth and dental health. However, there is no problem for careful individuals about oral and dental care. Otherwise, the process may need to be repeated.