Smile Design

Smile Design

The smile design is a whole of aesthetic studies that involve a large number of procedures, but basically a more aesthetic smile. As a result of oral and dental problems, there are many different diseases that affect human health. These situations, which may occur as a result of insufficient oral care, can also occur with different genetic problems or complications of various diseases.

We can lose our oral and dental health through numerous problems such as bad breath, toothache, tooth loss, dental and gum problems, bruises, tooth distortions and tooth discoloration. Of course, it is very important to restore oral and dental health, but at the same time, problems can arise with all these ailments and aesthetic appearance of teeth and smile. These types of problems may also lead to the occurrence of various psychological problems, especially problems such as lack of self-confidence and embarrassment.

What Does Smile Design Include?

The smile design includes both the processes in which you will restore your oral and dental health and the steps that will make your smile even more beautiful by gaining an aesthetic appearance. It offers a whole set of procedures that allows you to make very good changes both orally and dental health and appearance, both healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

For the smile design, it is not essential for the individual to have a disease on oral and dental health. Although the person's teeth and gums are quite healthy, there may be some situations that make the person unhappy in terms of appearance. With the smile design, you can directly search for a solution to this issue and have the smile of your dreams.

In this way, smile design not only offers a beautiful smile and aesthetics to individuals, but also gives strength psychologically. You can get a smile design for a beautiful smile as well as your oral and dental health and you can use the many possibilities offered by modern medicine.

How Does the Smile Design Process Take Place?

In smile design, the priority should start with understanding the patient's aesthetic demands correctly. Thereupon, the problems of the patient should be identified and planning should be made on the solutions of these problems. Of course, at this stage, in the light of the measurements taken from the patient's mouth and face, it is planned how to create the most suitable smile design for that person. The final scenario occurs with various measurements and calculations, and the smile design process begins.

In this process, all the problems that the patient has must be eliminated. Teeth whitening, treatment of carious teeth and gum diseases, treatment of dental deficiencies with implant or prosthetic methods, various coating procedures and orthodontic treatments are among the most frequently used methods at this point.