Dental Laminate

Dental Laminate Treatment (Dental Veneers)

The application of dental laminate treatment takes place by placing the porcelain layers on the teeth after a slight erosion on the front of the teeth. The porcelain plates applied in the treatment of laminated teeth are also very thin in their structure and in this way they gain the feature of transmitting light. Thus, aesthetically, the appearance of teeth will be quite natural and healthy for someone who has laminated dental treatment.

In laminated dental treatment application, it is very important to wear the teeth first. The teeth should not be abraded here. In laminated tooth treatment, abrading should only be done in such a way that porcelain plates can sit comfortably on the tooth. For this reason, it is recommended that  laminated dental treatment should be applied by a expert professional.

Under Which Conditions Is Laminated Dental Treatment Applied?

Among the reasons for the preference of laminated dental treatment are too much smoking, tea and coffee consumption. Laminated dental treatments can be applied on patients who have filling teeth and some deformities. After applying laminated dental treatment, changes such as color change are not happen, but daily care should be done like a standard dental care.

Dental laminate materials are produced from strong parts in terms of surface resistance and are not eroded. Laminated tooth, which is properly glued by a professional, will not fall off or be damaged by itself if it is properly maintained. Although they are made of durable materials, people who have undergone laminated dental treatment are recommended not to break hard and shelled materials with their teeth.

What are the Advantages of Dental Laminate Treatment?

It is possible not to spoil the natural form of the teeth while solving the color problem, if the process is started only with the subjects such as color change in the laminated tooth treatment. Therefore, the person can have an aesthetical appearence without changing the natural appearance of the teeth. Covering the porcelain material used will nourish your naturalness with its light transmittance feature instead of creating an image that will kill the naturalness of your teeth.

The surface of the porcelain layer has a smooth structure. This means that, along with laminated dental treatment, the damage you take on conditions such as smoking, coffee and tea consumption is minimized. Because this porcelain layer has a structure that is less affected by color change.

Contrary to popular belief, it is sufficient to make very little abrasion in the tooth in laminated tooth treatment. The information that the teeth are completely abraded and the natural appearance is completely distorted among the people does not reflect the truth.
Because laminated dental treatment does not include long-term infrastructure studies or extensive surgical interventions, it is one of the most preferred methods in terms of both preparation, application and results.

Laminated dental treatment applications do not cause back color formation at the gum level and mostly do not show an allergic reaction. If adhesion has been performed properly, it makes life easier for patients.

What are the Disadvantages of The Dental Laminate Treatment?

There is no disadvantage associated with laminated dental treatment itself. A successful application of laminated dental treatment gives individuals beautiful and desired results in every respect. However, the successful implementation part is very important. The application of laminated dental treatment, which requires a very aesthetic planning and a rigorous work process, should be carried out by professional doctors. It is a solution that you can use for a long time without any problems, if it is successfully carried out in accordance with the procedures.

How Should Care Be After Laminated Dental Treatment?

An individual who has undergone laminated dental treatment does not need extra care. Giving importance to daily oral care is sufficient within the scope of laminated dental treatment. The most important thing is the brushing teeth regularly in the correct form. In addition to the brushing process, which is repeated at least several times daily, dental flossing and mouthwashing are recommended.

An individual undergoing laminated dental treatment should not break hard foods with their teeth. Of course, it is recommended to go to the dentist every 6 months with standard routine periods.

If there are habits such as eating nails, these should be left out. In addition, people who clench their teeth while sleeping are recommended to use night plates.