Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction practices include aesthetic procedures applied under breast aesthetics. For various reasons, women may need a breast reduction operation. These are often health problems and difficulties caused by the big breast rather than aesthetic concerns. In addition to these, sagging in large breasts may cause aesthetic concerns in addition to functional problems.

The main reasons for breast reduction operations usually arise due to the large size of the breasts. These complaints may reach the level that can decrease the quality of life. Neck, back and shoulder pain, especially, can create difficult processes. In addition, due to the sagging and size of the breasts, undesirable conditions such as rash and fungus between the breasts may cause various disorders.

Large breast can make it difficult to wear the desired clothes. Large breast can also cause restrictions in terms of physical activities. In some women, the breast size and weight are so great that the bra strap can even create deformity on the shoulder.

Under What Conditions Is Breast Reduction Process Applied And What Is The Purpose?

The large breasts is mostly due to genetic reasons. In some cases, permanent enlargement and sagging may occur in breast size due to overweight, birth and breastfeeding.

Deformations and undesired situations occurring in the breasts may be in both breasts and in some cases it may be limited to a single breast. Therefore, the breast reduction operation needs to be planned and put into practice in the light of many data.
At this point, planning of breast reduction operations is carried out to improve the symptoms experienced by the patient and to create breast sizes with an aesthetic appearance. Patients have many complaints, and the priority is to improve them. Then, it is aimed to provide an equal and symmetrical breast image in the same form and size and to finish this process with the least scar.

It is important to know the patient's personal characteristics, medications, and medical history in preparation for the breast reduction operation. In light of this information, doctors can prepare to possible complications and the use of some drugs can be stopped. At the same time, since smoking is harmful for healing process, it should not use before and after operation for a while.

Breast Reduction Process

Since the breast reduction operation is a surgical procedure, it should be performed in a clinical setting. For this reason, it is very important to work with professionals who are experts in their fields. Breast reduction is a procedure that is performed under general anesthesia and takes approximately 2 hours. If no additional complications are observed after the procedure, they can be discharged on the same day.

During the operation, the process starts with an incision from the nipple and goes down vertically. Through this incision, unwanted breast tissue is taken out. Then the breast is shaped as determined and the nipple is repositioned. In this way, the breast reduction operation is ended.

What are the Considerations After Breast Reduction Operation?

In some cases, 1 day observation may be preferred after breast reduction operation. Patients undergoing dressing are recommended to wear sports bra and discharge procedures are performed. In breast reduction operations that need to be checked every week, showers can be taken after 4-5 days with a doctor's instruction. If a negative situation is not observed after a 1-week period, patient may return to normal life, but patient should complete the controls, wear sports bra and follow doctor's all instructions.