Breast Lift

Breast Lift

Breast lift operation is an aesthetic procedure performed within the scope of breast aesthetics, aiming to correct undesired images of the breast. Every woman may face breast sagging problem. Especially in women whose breast size is above a certain level, sagging that starts in the breasts in time may reach serious levels in the future and an aesthetically undesirable appearance may occur. However, it is possible to prevent this problem with the breast lift operation applied within the scope of breast aesthetics.

Breasts lose their tightness and dynamic state over time because of aging, gravity, weight loss, pregnancy periods and breastfeeding.

Under what conditions is breast lift procedure applied?

If women are satisfied with the breast size but not with the shape of their breasts, a better form can be given to the existing breast thanks to the breast lift procedure. It is possible to re-tighten and lift the sagging breasts. In some cases, when the breast sags, it may also  lose volume. In such cases, the breast is both lifted and reshaped with applications such as breast lift and prosthetics.

Before breast lift operation, of course, you can do some small tests to see if you need this. You can decide whether you need a breast lift operation with the evaluations you will make over the nipple. If the nipple is at the level of belowside of the breast, this means the first stage. In the second phase, the nipple is below the level of the breast. In the third phase, the nipple faces directly down.

Before Breast Lift Operation

If you think you need a breast lift operation, of course, you can get detailed information about operation by consulting a professional and after you get information about the process, you can proceed to the planning stage.

During the preparation period for the breast lift operation to be applied, your desires are very important. Expert evaluate the patient's current complaints and expectations, and the operation is planned accordingt these complaints and expectations.

After performing the relevant examinations and tests before the breast lift operation, your operation is planned and you will be informed about the breast form you will have after the operation.

It is important to know the patient's personal characteristics, medications, and medical history in preparation for the breast lift operation. In light of this information, doctors can prepare to possible complications and if you are taking medication,  some of them may need to stopped. Likewise, if you have bad habits such as cigarettes, you should quit these habits before and after the operation for a while. The aim is to prevent activities that will decrease the speed of recovery.

It is recommended that you have a companion with you for the operation and choose comfortable clothes. The breast lift operation, which is mostly performed under general anesthesia, takes an average of 3 hours.

What do you need to know about breast lift operation?

Breast lift operation can be performed with 3 different methods known as superior, superolateral and inferior pedicles. One of these methods is preferred according to personal characteristics and expectations of patient.

In the breast lift operation, the nipple and sagging breast are reshaped. The nipple is placed to its normal place and removal of excess skin is carried out. It is normal that there is a scar on the breast according to the level of sagging.

What Do You Need to Know About the Process After Breast Lift Operation?

At the end of the breast lift process, dressings are made in the first days, and at the end of the first week, your bandage is fully opened. After that, it is recommended to use a sports bra for a period of 1.5 months. It is normal to experience conditions such as swelling and numbness in the first period, these complaints will disappear over time. You can return to your normal life after just a 4-5 day rest period, but you need to stay away from doing heavy activities and protect your breasts for 3 months. Breast lift operation, which has mostly permanent results, enables you to gain the image you desire.