Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation aesthetic operation is an aesthetic procedure preferred by women who want to enlarge the size of their breasts. In terms of female physics, the breast area is very important. In addition to its aesthetic appearance, it also has functions such as breastfeeding. It is possible for women who do not find their breasts beautiful enough, who complain about their size and who obsess with this, can overcome these complaints through breast augmentation instead of experiencing psychological problems.

You can have doubts about breast augmentation operation because of many different reasons. However, the aim is to create a harmonious aesthetic form according to the person's body. Therefore, you can leave your doubts aside for this operation and you can get detailed information about this operation by consulting a specialist professional for your dream breast form.

Under Which Conditions Is Breast Augmentation Applied?

Women who have asymmetry on their body and who have complaints in terms of breast size may have a breast augmentation operation to provide their hip and chest symmetry. In some cases, loss of breast volume may occur after pregnancy. The loss in the breast volume can create an unwanted image in the breast with the effect of sagging, and in this case, breast augmentation operation can be applied together with the breast lift application.

There are so many women, who have asymmetry problems between their breasts. If one breast is smaller than the other, breast augmentation can be performed for a more symmetrical breast.

Women whose breast is removed due to various diseases and operations can regain their former appearance with the breast augmentation operation. Women, who have already undergone breast augmentation, may need renewal breast augmentation.

What do you need to know about prosthetic materials used in breast augmentation operations?

Prostheses used in breast augmentation operations consist of two options as drop prosthesis and round prosthesis. Round prostheses are equivalent prostheses in terms of horizontal and vertical diameters. Drop prostheses refer to prostheses types, where the vertical diameter is slightly larger than the horizontal diameter. Which prosthesis method will be applied is determined according to the form you already have.

Prostheses are divided into two different types in terms of content. These are silicone-containing prostheses and saline-containing prostheses. When evaluated according to the surface structure, two different types of prostheses are encountered. These are prostheses with a rough surface and a flat surface.

What Does Breast Augmentation Include?

Different regions have been determined for placing breast prostheses into the breast. These areas can be listed as armpit, nipple circumference, underside of the breast and abdomen. Each region has its advantages and disadvantages.

In the application performed over the nipple, a very small scar remains, but in this case, it may be necessary to cut the milk ducts in some cases. Therefore, it is not a suitable method for women considering pregnancy.

In the application performed underside of the breast, there is no damage to the milk ducts and a small scar remains under the breast. Endoscopic methods are mostly used in armpit and umbilical applications, and the scars are very small and these scars fade over time.

After Breast Augmentation Operation

The breast augmentation operations end in an average of 1 hour. If there is no additional complication, there is a possibility of discharge on the same day. You may have symptoms such as fullness and swelling for the first few days, but these symptoms disappear in a short time. It is recommended to rest on these few days . It is recommended to wear a sports bra over a small bandage. Sports bra should continue to be used for a month and controls should not be neglected. After the process is completed, scar treatment is applied.