Sclerotherapy is a treatment method used for spider veins and varicose veins that appear superficially, usually in the legs.

Before the treatment starts, a local anaesthetic cream can be used to minimize the needle entry and the burning that may occur during the injection.

The medicines that are sold ready-made in the market are taken into fine needle-tipped injectors and given into the veins, and the veins are closed with this irritant substance.

In this way, the visually disturbing image is eliminated.

However, every patient is not suitable for this treatment. It is not appropriate to apply this treatment during active venous occlusion, pregnancy and lactation. The treatment lasts for 30-45 minutes and a few days after the treatment, elastic bandages or varicose stockings are used both to increase the effectiveness of the treatment and to prevent swelling, pain or burning that may develop. It is necessary not to be exposed to direct sunlight or to enter the tanning device for 4 weeks after the treatment to prevent possible colour changes.

Most patients pass through this period with no problem.

In sclerotherapy performed on large vessels, the patient may feel swelling and stiffness in that area. Slight redness may be seen in the treated area. Brown discolouration in the procedure area disappears in a few weeks but may be permanent in a small group of patients.