Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant application is an aesthetic procedure that is implemented under the scope of hair transplantation aesthetics and helps to regain lost hair. Hair loss can occur for many different reasons. Regional hair loss or loss of all hair can cause many psychological problems, especially the lack of self-confidence.

At the point where today's hair transplantation aesthetics comes, it is possible to regain the hair lost with many different methods.

What Does Hair Transplantation Include?

It can be said that hair follicles taken mostly from the nape region are used for hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is performed by placing the hair follicles taken from the nape region in the desired areas with special methods. Today, there is no need for stitches and cuts in the application process compared to the old techniques.

Hair transplant operation is mostly performed under local anesthesia. With a single operation, the process can end and the operation process can take place from 1 hour to 6-7 hours depending on the region needed. If an additional complication is not observed, there is the possibility to be discharged on the same day and people do not need a rest period to return to their normal life. The first washes should be carried out under the observation of doctor and then other washes should be carried out accroding to the instructions of doctor.

After the hair transplantation, the sensitivity is mostly not felt and the area where the hair transplantation takes place improves within a week. The main results of the hair transplantation application, which generally has continuous and permanent results, can be seen from 6 months to 1.5 years.

What are the Methods Used in Hair Transplantation Applications?

Hair transplantation applications can be applied today in many different ways. The methods are of course chosen according to the needs of the patient. When evaluated within this scope, it is very important for the success of the process to perform hair transplantation applications with professionals.

With the application of robotic hair surgery, the hair follicles are collected by the hair transplantation robot and the roots collected with the hair transplantation robot are planted manually in the required areas.

DHI haircut application is an unshaved cutting application. This procedure has the feature of performing a channel opening and planting at the same time. This has various advantages as it increases the chances of staying healthier with less hair follicles remaining outside.

Sapphire FUE hair transplantation is performed by using a pencil with a special sapphire tip in the grooving process. The properties of sapphire tips are to speed up the healing process and reduce crusting. Normal FUE hair transplantation is carried out through micro motors. The process is terminated by adding the collected hair follicles to the channels opened manually.

What are the points to be considered before hair transplantation?

Patient should not cut hair before coming for hair transplantation and it is recommended to wear easily removable clothing such as shirts. It is necessary to come to the operation with a full stomach and to stop the intake of alcohol and caffeine before the operation process. Also, as in any operation, stopping smoking habits before and after the operation will create a serious increase in the recovery rate.

Doctor and patient exchange of information is very important in hair transplantation as well as in every subject. Giving information about past diseases and the drugs used is important for taking precautions against all possible complications. In addition, the doctor may recommend that some medicines be stopped for this process.

What are the points to consider in the process after a hair transplant?

It is recommended that the area where the hair transplant is applied be very well protected for the first few days and not touched anywhere. The region should also be protected from external influences within a few weeks. During the first month, it is recommended to protect the hair from the sun's rays and to stay away from areas such as the sea and pool. It is very important to act according to the doctor's instructions about the washing processes and all other details and to carry out the controls.