Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow Transplantation

Eyebrow transplantation is an aesthetic procedure that can be done by individuals with unwanted appearance in the eyebrow area. Although it is mostly seen in women, men may also need eyebrow transplantation. Eyebrows are of great importance for our face, because the shape of the eyebrow is an element that can affect the entire image. Therefore, a deformation experienced in the eyebrow area will lead to major changes in facial expression. This can reveal situations that people do not want.

Eyebrow transplant procedure should be applied successfully in order to overcome many problems such as lack of self-confidence of individuals who are dissatisfied with their appearence. Eyebrows, which is a very important facial detail, may become sparse by shedding for various reasons, in some cases they may disappear completely. Eyebrow transplantation can be performed in some cases with eyebrow lift operation.

What are eyebrow transplant methods?

Although the eyebrow transplant is performed using many methods, the most common method is the FUE method. An eyebrow transplant performed using the FUE method is carried out by integrating the removed hair roots into another region. The aim is to achieve the most natural possible appearance of the eyebrows by evaluating the shape and expression of the face.

With the application of the eyebrow transplant, the person can end the problem of eyebrow loss, and with the strength of the new hair follicles, people can achieve the expression they are dreaming of permanently. When you look in the mirror and see the picture you want, you feel good again. The eyebrow transplant is a simple process, and after careful eyebrow transplantation, a very natural picture can be obtained.

How is Eyebrow Transplantation Performed?

The eyebrow transplant is usually performed under local anesthesia. Before the eyebrow transplant process, it is decided from which region the hair roots should be taken for the eyebrow transplant. The most useful and healthiest region is the neck region in terms of its naturalness. In addition to the neck region, it is possible to take root from the armpits and arms as needed. Since the hair roots in these regions have the characteristic that they do not come off easily, they offer more permanent solutions because they have a strong structure.

Of course, the selection of these roots should be done so that you get the most natural picture and do not cause other problems. It is therefore very important that the process is managed by experts.

To get a healthy eyebrow image, the root collection can be done according to the needs of the person, but an average of 500 root eyebrows are enough for the transplant. One of the most important details in the eyebrow transplant is that two symmetrical eyebrows can be obtained and the hair is processed very closely to get a balanced picture.

What are the things to know about the process before and after eyebrow transplantation?

Providing complete exchange of information between the patient and the doctor before eyebrow transplantation provides advantages in many issues. In this process, the planning phase is started, evaluations are made and your picture after the operation is planned. In this regard, the doctor will inform the person before the operation.

There is no need for hospitalization after eyebrow transplantation. However, the person should follow the instruction of the doctor and should not neglect doctor controls. In some cases, swelling may occur, and this is a normal condition and will heal on its own over time. It is also normal to observe shedding after eyebrow transplantation, but the roots will remain in place and reveal themselves with new hairs. It will take a certain time for the eyebrows to become completely natural. It is very important to pay attention to care after eyebrow transplantation. The first 10-day period is important for full recovery time.