Labioplasty application is the method of cutting the genital inner lips by surgical intervention and giving the vaginal area the desired appearance under the scope of genital aesthetics. Sagging may occur due to various deformations in the vaginal area. These sags create various disadvantageous conditions that will be harmful for health and also create an aesthetically disturbing appearance. However, with labioplasty, it is possible to shrink the vaginal area and gain the aesthetically desired appearance.

Labioplasty, which is a solution to aesthetic problems as well as the health problems result from enlarged and sagging lips, does not prevent to birth in the future.

Since labioplasty is a surgical operation, it is an important process, whether small or large, and may involve various complications. For this reason, the process should be carried out by professionals.

Under which conditions is the labioplasty procedure applied?

Labioplasty application is evaluated under the scope of genital aesthetics and is a vagina rejuvenation procedure. With the application of labioplasty, the growth and sagging of the genital inner and outer lips are corrected. If there is also an asymmetrical appearance, Labioplasty can be preferred to correct this. Labioplasty, which mainly corrects the inner lips, also improves the outer lips in some cases.

What problems can sagging in the vaginal area cause?

Conditions such as size and sagging of the inner lips in the vaginal region may cause some health problems. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the process from this aspect. However, psychologically, women can be affected by this situation. Especially because of psychological factors such as lack of self-confidence, women may be afraid of sexual intercourse and get away from themselves and their partner. Women may feel ugly. In such cases, labioplasty will be a procedure that will increase the life standard of the patient.

Such problems can make it difficult for women to wear tight clothes such as swimsuits and bikinis. In some cases, the growth and sagging of the inner lips can reach serious points, reaching the point of touching the leg. In addition to aesthetic concern, there are various problems such as urinary tract disorders, vaginal discharge, pain during sexual intercourse and the risk of irritation. Labioplasty may therefore be required to improve the patient's quality of life.

Labioplasty Operation Process 

Labioplasty is mostly performed under local anesthesia. However, as a result of the patient's request or special circumstances, if possible, it is also performed under general anesthesia in some cases. The purpose of labioplasty surgery application is to provide a healthy appearance to the large and saggy vaginal lips.

The anesthesia process begins after the completion of the patient- doctor information exchange. The surgery should be carried out in clinical settings and by professional physicians.

Removal of sagging inner lips, which is excessive in labioplasty surgery, can be performed by scalpel or laser operation. However, it is known that laser operation causes various complications and therefore, it sould be applied by a specialist physician in the field. Since dissolvable sutures are used in labioplasty surgery application, there is no need for stitch removal.

Process After Labioplasty and Things to Consider 

After the labioplasty application, extra attention should be paid to the hygiene of the vagina area and the area should be kept dry. Shower should not be taken in the first 24 hours. There are some points to be considered for a period of 1 month after the procedure. The individual hould not be in contact with so much water and shoul avoid various activities that will force the genital area, such as motor, horse and bike riding. Sports with intense stretching movements such as gymnastics and pilates should be avoided. Hair removal applications such as laser, waxing in the vaginal area should be interrupted during the period recommended by the doctor. One should not compress the area by wearing tight clothes and should avoid using tampons.