Gastric Balloon

Gastric Balloon

Although gastric balloon application is not considered as an operation, it is an alternative to surgical operations for individuals with overweight disease. For some surgical operations, patients with overweight, obesity or morbid obesity may need to lose weight in order for the surgery to take place. In this case, gastric balloon application is applied. If patients follow their doctor's instructions, they may lose weight significantly with the application of a gastric balloon. However, it is essential to act correctly and to manage the process in a balanced and regular manner after the gastric balloon.

What Does the Stomach Balloon Process Include?

Stomach balloon application takes place through endoscopic stages. A fist-sized balloon filled with water is placed in the stomach through an endoscopy. With the place that this balloon covers in the stomach, food intake is reduced and it is aimed to feel the feeling of satiety more easily.

The stomach balloon can remain in the stomach of patients for a maximum of 1 year. Taking the right steps in this process and supporting the process with changes in nutritional habits and exercise processes can lead a weight loss of 10-30%.

What Are The Advantages of Gastric Balloon Application?

Since the gastric balloon application is not a surgical intervention, it can be easily placed in the stomach only with the application of endoscopy. The process can be completed easily and quickly. A healthy change in the eating habits of the patient and supporting this process with physical activities can significantly speed up weight loss. In this way, up to 30% weight loss can be achieved.

What Are The Disadvantages of Gastric Balloon?

Gastric sleeve application may not normally progress and can ocur some complaints. Besides nausea and vomiting complaints, cramps and pain can occur after gastric balloon application. That’s why some patients may not be suitable for this application. The stomach balloon can remain in the stomach of patients for a maximum of 1 year. Therefore, patients need to evaluate this 1-year period well and act in accordance with their goals. Even if the target is not reached at the end of the 1-year period, the stomach balloon will need to be removed.

Before Gastric Balloon Application

Before the application, the internal side of stomach is examined and it is checked whether there are any obstacles for placing balloon. The balloon is then placed to the stomach with laparoscopic method under anaeshtesia. The balloon is filled with air or liquid.
It is recommended not to eat for 12 hours before the stomach balloon application and not to consume liquid 6 hours before. Stomach balloon placement takes up to 20 minutes and patients are discharged after only a few hours of observation. Nausea and vomiting problems may occur in the first week and you can no feel hunger for a while, but all o these will also return to normal after the first week.

How Does Gastric Balloon Work?

The stomach balloon provides a feeling of satiety with the volume it covers in the stomach. The individual becomes unable to consume the calories he consumed before the stomach balloon after the stomach balloon. At the same time, it provides a longer feeling of satiety because it slows down the passage of foods that will continue the digestive process from the stomach.

It is observed that the feeling of openness is gradually recovered after the first week. At the end of the first month, adaptation to the gastric balloon is generally achieved and the food consumption may increase a little more, it is strongly recommended to consume foods with high nutritional value until this time. It is very important to learn to eat slowly during the stomach balloon process and not to continue eating if it is saturated.

After Gastric Balloon Application

Even if application is completely accomplished, the process after removing balloon is quite important. Removing the balloon can cause nutrition disorder.

Even if the whole process has successfully progressed, the management of the process after the stomach balloon is removed is very important. Even if all goals have been reached, it is necessary to act carefully after the stomach balloon comes out. Taking out the balloon that fills the stomach can lead to disruptions in the nutritional regime applied by the person during this period and cause the regain of the weight lost during the stomach balloon process. Therefore, the balanced nutrition process should be maintained.