Feb, 10 2020

What is Revision Surgery?

The most effective way of dealing with obesity and morbid obesity is obesity surgery. We use different surgical procedures depending on the lifestyle, eating habits, possible side diseases of the patient.

The goal of the obesity surgery is to help patient gain new habits for a healthier life. Changing the eating habits and increasing physical activity helps patient live a healthier and a better life after the obesity surgery.

Things may not always go as planned. There, we have "revision surgery."

Revision surgery is the second surgical operation in case the surgery does not give the results we want. This may be caused by a technical situation or a patient-depended situation. The most common situation is lack of losing weight after gastic band procedure or the complications after the surgery.

Can patient who had sleeve gastrectomy undergo revision surgery?

Revision surgery can be applied to the patient who can't gain healthier eating habits or lose weight in 18 months. Unsuccessful surgeries due to lack of experience of the doctor or technical difficulties leads us to a revision surgery.

The patient must remember that the revision surgery is more complicated procedure and must be performed by an experienced doctor. The first surgical procedure can be converted to a different obesity surgery procedure by the revision surgery.

  • Sleeve Gastrectomy can be converted to re-sleeve gastrectomy
  • Bypass surgeries can be converted to Rouex-N Gastric Bypass or Duodenal Switch.

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