Aug, 31 2022

Breast Reduction Operation in Men


Gynecomastia is breast enlargement that occurs due to hormonal problems in men in general. These hormonal problems can occur both genetically and with the diet of the person. The enlargement of the breast tissue, which usually occurs due to the excess of estrogen hormone, both causes a bad appearance and increases the risk of breast cancer in men to a certain extent.

Breast reduction surgery offers very successful results to people who want to protect both their physical and general health. 

What Causes Breast Enlargement in Men?

The cause of breast enlargement, which is common in men, is generally defined by the imbalance in men's hormone levels. As a result of the increase in estrogen hormone due to both congenital and environmental factors, there is an abnormal growth in breast tissues in men. Another important factor in this case is the hormone foods consumed. Due to  genetic interventions and the use of agricultural pesticides, produced many foods can  cause  grow breast tissue in men

Among the causes of gynecomastia, liver disorders caused by the use of steroids and excessive alcohol consumption can also be counted. However, some diseases and the use of drugs related to these diseases can also cause breast enlargement to a certain extent. 

How is Breast Reduction Surgery Performed in Men?

Breast reduction is only recommended for the people who were detected with breast enlargement after performing workups and blood test controls. It won't be adequate to stop enlargement by the use of medicine if the enlargement is over a certain level. At this point, it will be more convenient that apply for a breast reduction operation.

Breast reduction surgery in men is usually completed within 1 hour following the application of anesthesia. In the operation, 1-2 cm incisions are made under the breast. Necessary tissues are taken through these incisions. If the breast tissue is too large, the entire breast tissue can be removed by removing the skin around the nipple.

After Gynecomasty

After Gynecomasty, by consent of a doctor,  the patient will be discharged within 1 day. However, the person should rest for 5-6 days through the given necessary instructions by the doctor. But for full recovery,  the patient should wait for 2 -3 weeks. If dressing is made regularly to the operation zone and to be taken care of by the hygiene rules, it is possible that the patient will heal in a short time and the operation marks will be lost within 1 year.

Will Gynecomastia Result Be Permanent?

Breast enlargement ( Gynecomastia)  in men is a removable deformation by surgery. After the operation, if needed, the use of drugs prevents growth and the result of the operation is permanent. Although the large appearance of the breasts is prevented after gynecomastia surgery, there may be lubrication in the area if the patient re-weight gain. Although the lubrication in the chest area causes a certain amount of growth, the appearance of the breast does not take on the non-aesthetic form before the surgery. However, the patient should be taken not to gain excessive weight after the surgery. In this way, the result of the surgery will be permanent.

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