Feb, 10 2020

Hair Transplant in Turkey: Our Expert Team

The hair follicles usually taken from the neck are planted in the targeted balding area. These hair follicles are called grafts. Rarely, in some cases, there is not enough healthy hair on the back of the person's neck or temple. In such cases, hair follicles can also be removed from other areas of the subject, such as arms or chest wall, which contain hair. he treatment takes place in a few hours, depending on the amount of hair loss. If the balding area is too large, several sessions may be required to complete the treatment. Generally, the procedure is performed under local anesthesia with sedation. A special bandage is applied to the head after hair transplantation. The person is discharged after 1-2 hours. Although it is rarely seen, pain control is provided against pain conditions. Generally, after 3 days of home rest, the head can be turned back to work life.

After the Procedure

Although the healing process after hair transplantation varies from patient to patient, it covers a period of approximately 1 year. The first three days after the operation are very important. There may be some pain on the first night, but you can have a comfortable night if you use pain medication prescribed by your doctor. You should lie on your back as much as possible in the first days after planting and do not make any contact with the planting area.

On the next day of hair transplantation, you should go to the hospital for bandage removal and dressing. Then, the first three days of the medication given by your doctor will be enough to relieve edema. For the first 3 days, there may be small bleedings in the area where the hair follicles are planted and in the transplanted area. In order to prevent the formation of inflammation, you should use the antibiotic cure given by your doctor regularly for the first five days after the operation. Alcohol should not be used during this process. Since the antibiotic is directly mixed with your blood, it may interfere with the drugs you use and may have negative consequences. Since smoking will also adversely affect the healing process, it is advisable not to smoke for at least 1 week after the operation. At the end of the first three days, the first washing process starts. You should carry out the washing procedure from the third day with a special care lotion and shampoo recommended by your doctor for 15 days as instructed. With regular washing process, the crusts formed after sowing will soften and will be completely poured out at the end of the 15th day. Your hair will be shed in a few weeks after planting. You don't have to worry as 90% of patients go through this stage. This is due to the transition of the grafts to the sleep phase (telogen) by activating the defense mechanism due to the trauma during hair transplantation. Your hair planted will begin to grow in a healthy way by entering the new growth cycle starting from 2 to 4 months. After the fourth month, your hair will grow even more and begin to form its structure. From the 8th month, you will see that your planted hair thickens and rises. Approximately one year after the operation, your hair planted will get more natural and will look like your existing hair.

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