Feb, 05 2020

Deciding to Undergo Rhinoplasty

As in all cosmetic surgeries, the patient should clarify the deformities that the patient is not satisfied with and wants to change and their demands for change should be realistic. Natural beauty cannot be achieved with extreme and marginal interventions.

The patient is interviews by the doctor and informed in detail about the changes to be made and the possible complications.

When the patient finally decides to undergo the surgery, examinations are performed for general health status. The anesthesiologist thoroughly evaluates the examination results and the patient and indicates in writing that the patient may undergo the operation in the absence of any medical conditions that may hinder the operation. Then, the surgeon schedules the day of surgery of the patient. (Anesthesiologists make sure that patients sleep unconsciously and painlessly during the operation and wake up at the end of the surgery.) All these preparations can be completed in 1 day for patients without any medical conditions.

Can rhinoplasty surgery be performed along with other procedures on the face?

Rhinoplasty surgery can be performed along with a variety of different procedures on the facial area. Some of these are fat injections, filling material & anti-wrinkle injections, and aesthetic jawbone operations.

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